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Smart Home

Smartening up your home need not cost you an arm and a leg. We look at standalone as well as affordable smart home starter kits that are cheap to buy, easy to install and can be configured quickly all by yourself. In fact the only thing that we would consider professional help is the smart thermostat. Everything else from voice assistants to security systems to smart plugs, smart locks and lifestyle smart appliances work right out of the box.

Smart home technology is here to stay. The real benefit is in being able to control them all remotely from your mobile devices be it tablet, laptop or smartphone as well as receive alerts and notifications over the Internet putting you in charge and helping you save on your energy bills.

Plan Your Smart Home

With so many different smart home technology available, we recommend starting with our Ultimate Smart Home Checklist. Using the checklist, you can decide the type of technology to adopt for the different rooms. The checklist lets you plan and cost up your smart home project wherever you wish to focus on. You can find this on the sidebar of this page.

Start with the Smart Hub

Next, you would need to consider the type of Voice Assistant you wish to use for your home. This act as a smart hub where you can control compatible devices from one place. Smart home kits and gadgets support one of the following Voice Assistants; Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri & HomeKit. For example, the Amazon Echo with Alexa has a built-in hub that lets you control Sonos speakers, Philips Hue lighting, Hive, SmartThings and other compatible gadgets. Deciding which smart hub to use means you shop for only gadgets that support it. See From Voice Controlled Speakers to Home Automation.

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