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From basic or budget to mid-range and premium, laptops come in many different shapes and sizes. Considerations when buying a laptop include:

  1. Cost: How much are you looking to spend: budget, mid-range or high-end
  2. Application: The type of work you will be doing on the laptop: light computing to work horse for heavy lifting
  3. Portability: heavy weight desktop replacement to standard to ultra portable. If you need to lug your laptop around everyday, choose one that weights under 2kg.  This is also
  4. Profile: Standard clamp shell to convertible to detachable; it’s all a matter of personal preference. If you want the flexibility of being able to use your laptop as a tablet, choose a convertible or detachable model.
  5. Input Options: Trackpad only, touchscreen display, stylus input

Identify how you use your laptop and pick the right laptop with the specification to suit your needs with our guide: