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The Team

Meet our team members at Colour My Living. We are a growing team of creative authors.

Samuel Tan

Co-founder, editor and author at Colour My Living, Sam runs an education consultancy and design studio based in the South West of England. A very technical and analytical writer, Sam likes to get to the heart of the gadgets that he loves – whether it’s comparing processors or number of pixels on a display.

In his spare time, he loves checking out cool lifestyle gadgets and then sharing his passion with others. He has a lovely wife, daughter and a deep barking Yorkie. He enjoys writing about:

  • All things tech
  • Mobile devices
  • Entertainment kits and units
  • Cars

Li-ling Ooi

Co-founder, editor and author at Colour My Living, Li-ling is passionate about writing on things that spark her interest from kitchen tech to outdoor fun and great books. In her spare time, she enjoys whipping up a storm in the kitchen, reading, listening to inspirational talks and videos, playing the piano or cello and checking out all things new and shiny on the Internet. Her favourite topics include:

  • Home and kitchen
  • Personal development
  • Sports and leisure
  • Health and fitness